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EAST Marketing Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in partnering with EAST. We offer a variety of corporate marketing opportunities that allow companies to familiarize, educate, and inform trauma and acute care surgery healthcare providers about their products and services.  

EAST is a 501(c)(3) organization with a multidisciplinary membership of more than 3,400 who are part of the trauma service team and involved in the treatment and care of the injured patient. Many are recognized academic authorities, directors of trauma centers or intensive care units, and leaders in their respective medical centers.

Enhance your company’s image through the benefits of promotional marketing by sponsoring one of our events at the EAST Annual Scientific Assembly, which attracts more than 750 of these influential individuals annually. Enjoy opportunities such as prominent recognition in our event signage, on our website, in our newsletter, on social media, and more. EAST campaigns are highly visible on social media and followed by more than 11,000 people on Twitter, 2,600 people on Facebook, and 1,000 people on LinkedIn.

Additional sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the year that directly benefit the EAST Development Fund ("Fund"),* which supports initiatives in research, education, leadership development, injury control and violence prevention. Explore the opportunities below and contact us today to find the best fit for your corporate or business-giving goals.

*EAST is a 501(c) 3 organization. Gifts to the EAST Development Fund ("Fund") are deductible for income tax purposes within the limits prescribed by state and federal laws. Please consult your tax advisor.

Industry Think Group

Participate in a private industry informational meeting with 6-10 EAST leaders and experts in virtual format. EAST will coordinate the invitation of EAST leaders and experts to discuss topics of your choosing such as R&D, avenues for marketing and penetration, discussion about why a particular technology is not being adopted, etc. – all from the surgeon’s perspective. Your team asks the question. EAST members help you answer it.  This is an excellent opportunity to gain access to leaders in trauma that represent a diverse group of practicing surgeons including those who do and do not use your product. This opportunity allows you to pitch your product and, more importantly, have an open dialogue, while directly supporting the Fund. Investment: $20,000 for up to two hours

Trauma Center Challenge Fundraiser Match

Match contributions raised during the EAST Trauma Center Challenge campaign which supports EAST’s numerous research scholarships, injury prevention efforts, and member leadership development through the Fund. EAST will recognize your support on the EAST website, in e-mails to the membership, and on social media. EAST campaigns are highly visible on social media. In 2021, supporters from over 90 trauma centers helped raise more than $100,000, and EAST is poised to outdo this record in the summer of 2023. Match donations up to $20,000

EAST Traumacasts

The EAST Traumacasts are a popular “on the go” resource for trauma and acute care surgeons and allied healthcare providers involved in the care of the injured patient. They have become a signature offering within EAST and have established a following among the trauma community. Work with EAST to coordinate a supported EAST Traumacast on a subject matter related to your company’s product line or service. EAST will control the topic/content and faculty selection. Investment: $5,000

EAST Webinars

Work with EAST to support a live webinar that features your company’s product line or service. EAST will control the topic/content and faculty selection. The webinar will not be eligible for CME. After the webinar is held, it will be hosted on the EAST website for 12 months. Investment: $5,000

EAST Traumacast / Webinar Package

Work with EAST to coordinate a supported EAST Traumacast and Webinar on a subject matter related to your company’s product line or service. EAST will control the topic/content and faculty selection. After the live webinar is held, the program will be hosted on the EAST website for 12 months. The webinar and Traumacast will not be eligible for CME credit. Investment: $8,000


Support the annual EAST INVEST-C Research Hackathon where 5-10 aspiring researchers collaborate with established researchers to develop trauma and acute care surgery research ideas. INVEST-C provides research mentorship, research design assistance, multicenter collaborations, statistical support, and editorial services using a combination of EAST members and other resources. Investment: $18,000

Multicenter Trials Junior Investigator Award

The EAST Multicenter Trials Junior Investigator Award assists one junior primary investigator to successfully conduct and publish a multicenter trial assembling data from five or more centers that seeks to answer an important and novel question in the practice of trauma, acute care surgery, or surgical critical care which will change or significantly affect the care of injured or critically ill patients. Visit the EAST Multicenter Trials page for information on EAST approved multicenter research. Investment: $6,000

EAST Trauma Research Scholarship

Support the EAST Trauma Research Scholarship. Scholarship recipients are judged on the basis of the merit of their proposal and the anticipated future contributions of the recipient to the science and practice of the surgery of trauma. Click here for a list of past recipients and the research that has been supported since 2001. Minimum Investment: $20,000

GRADE Workshop Scholarship

Fund EAST members to attend an evidence-based medicine and GRADE Workshop. EAST is committed to using the GRADE (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluation) methodology for all Practice Management Guidelines (PMGs) in development. This approach is the “gold standard” methodology and has been endorsed by over 60 national and international organizations for use in guideline development. See the PMG page for a list of PMGs currently in development. Minimum investment: $5,000

EAST Oriens Award

Support the future of trauma and acute care surgery medicine. The EAST Oriens Award is an essay competition where residents and fellows submit an essay on why they chose trauma and acute care surgery. Each year more than 30 inspiring essays are submitted and two are selected (one resident and one fellow). Minimum investment: $5,000

EAST gratefully acknowledges its Corporate Partners for their generous marketing support.

Thank you to the corporate partners listed below for their ongoing support of EAST!  EAST truly values its relationship with these corporate partners and their commitment to EAST's development goals: furnishing leadership and fostering advances in the surgery of trauma

PLATINUM ($25,000+)

GOLD ($15,000 - <$25,000)

SILVER ($10,000 - <$15,000)

BRONZE ($2,500 - <$10,000)