Speakers Bureau

Interested in sharing your speaking and research interests with other EAST members? You can now add these to your EAST member profile and join the growing list of members who regularly speak at local, national, and international conferences. Choose from a range of topics across trauma, emergency general surgery, and critical care or add your own.

Need a speaker? Visit the EAST Membership Directory within your EAST member profile to search for members by speaking and research interests and connect with your next presenter today.

Learn more

Learn more about the EAST Speakers Bureau from EAST member Dr. Molly Flannagan.

How to Add Your Speaking and/or Research Interests

  1. Sign-in to your EAST member profile.
  2. Select "Profile" from the drop-down menu under your name.
  3. Select "Manage Profile" under "Member Services" on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Click on “Speaking & Research.” Add up to two speaking and/or research interests to your profile and hit save. Your interests will appear in your member profile and be visible to other EAST members in the EAST Membership Directory.

If you have any questions about updating your profile or have trouble recovering your username or password, email managementoffice@east.org or call 312-202-5508.