Matching Gifts

At the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) we are committed to funding awards, scholarships, and programs designed to reduce the incidence of trauma and improve the care of injured patients.

An easy way to double (or even triple!) your donation to the EAST Development Fund is through your company's employee matching gift program.  Find out if your company will match your donation and create a bigger impact in just a few minutes!

Arranging for a matching gift is easy:

1. Ask your HR department if your company will match your donation to EAST. Obtain the required matching gift form. 
2. Donate to the EAST Development Fund and keep a copy of your receipt.
3. Fill out and return the matching gift form along with your receipt to the appropriate personnel at your company.
4. Confirm that EAST received a check from your company matching your gift. 

Have you already donated to EAST this year?

Most companies will honor gifts given during the current calendar year. Simply email us at for a copy of your donation receipt and follow the steps above.

Thank you for checking to see if your employer offers a matching gift program!

Scholarship & Award Recipient Testimonials

Learn how your generosity is helping to change the future of trauma care from our scholarship and award recipients below.  Click the images below for more information.