Research Related Surveys

Policies on Solicitation of the EAST Membership for Research Related Purposes

  • The EAST Research-Scholarship Committee will review requests to survey the members of EAST for research related purposes.
  • Requests to survey the EAST membership for research related purposes will be reviewed by the EAST Research-Scholarship Committee on a quarterly basis occurring in March, June, September, and December. Survey requests must be received by the 1st of the month during which it will be reviewed (March, June, August, October/November).
  • As we receive many such requests each year and are charged by the EAST Board with limiting the number of surveys distributed by EAST, a maximum of three (3) survey requests for research related purposes will be approved on a quarterly basis.

Prior to approval of access to the EAST web mail system, the investigator must:

1. Complete the online Research Related Survey Request Form.

Research Related Survey Request Form

2. Submit a brief synopsis of the purpose, methodology, anticipated results, and a copy of the survey tool. All documents can be emailed to

3. Provide documentation of submission for review and decisions regarding approval or exemption of the study by the investigator’s home institution IRB.

4. Pay a non-refundable $150 application fee to include review and feedback from the EAST Research-Scholarship Committee. Please note, only credit cards are accepted.

5. Complete the EAST Research Related Surveys - Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form found here.  Surveys that are submitted without completion of the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form WILL NOT be reviewed.

After all documents are submitted and the appropriate fees are paid in full, the project will then be reviewed by the Research-Scholarship Committee to determine suitability for dissemination to the membership.

On approval of the survey, an additional $250 fee would be processed for distribution of the survey to the EAST membership.  Please note, distribution of any approved surveys to the EAST membership is the responsibility of the survey submitter.

If approved, the following statement must be appended to the solicitation announcement for participation:  “This survey, and use of the EAST web mail system to solicit member participation, has been approved by the EAST Research-Scholarship Committee. The survey project has been reviewed by our/my IRB and exempted/approved. Results will be made available to any EAST member upon request.” 

When distributing the survey the subject line must not include that the survey is an "EAST survey."

There is no requirement that the results be submitted for presentation at an EAST Annual Scientific Assembly. However, this is certainly encouraged. A decision by the investigator(s) not to submit results for presentation at an EAST meeting will have no bearing on the decision of the Research-Scholarship Committee with regard to approval.

For further information, please contact the EAST administrative office at or by phone at 312-202-5508.



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