EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"

Early career trauma and acute care surgeons face many barriers to the implementation and completion of research. The project may get stuck in any one of the various phases along the line from idea generation to eventual dissemination and publication of research results. This lack of progress often stymies further effort by potentially talented researchers or very good research ideas never reach their full potential because they lack the proper resources or expertise.

Since 2017 the EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon" has provided research mentorship, research design assistance, multicenter collaborations, statistical support, and editorial services using a combination of EAST members and other resources.  

EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon" Rosters & Program Outlines:
2017 EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"
2018 EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"
2019 EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"
2020 Virtual EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"
2021 Virtual EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"
2022 EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"
2023 EAST INVEST-C "Research Hackathon"

Interested in participating in the 2025 INVEST-C Program?  Only EAST members that submit a Letter of Intent for  the 2025 John M. Templeton, Jr., MD Injury Prevention Research Scholarship, the 2025 Trauma Research Scholarship, and/or the 2025 EAST Multicenter Trial Junior Investigator Award will be invited to apply.  Learn more by visiting the Scholarships & Awards page and submit by the May 13th deadline.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the annual EAST INVEST-C Research Hackathon where 5-10 aspiring researchers collaborate with established researchers to develop trauma and acute care surgery research ideas. Learn more on our Corporate Partners page and contact us today.

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