Research Support Letter Requests

Policy on Research Support Letter Requests:

  • As approved during the January 2022 EAST Board of Directors Meeting, EAST nor the EAST Research-Scholarship Committee will no longer review research support letter requests from individual members or nonmembers.  

Regulations regarding submitting Research Support Letter Requests (for NON-individuals): 

  • Grant submissions supported by CNTR will receive a letter of support if requested after submission of a copy of the specific aims, proposal details, and statement of research compliance for our records; CNTR proposals will not require additional content review by the EAST Research-Scholarship Committee.
  • Letters of support will be provided if recommended for approval by the EAST Research-Scholarship Committee; the letter of support will be standardized with personalized information for the title of the proposal, PI, and subject area.
  • The EAST Research-Scholarship Committee will evaluate the specific aims page from other societies, organizations, and for large scale proposals such as multicenter trials. Letters of proposals will be evaluated based on the scientific merit of the specific aims, consistency with the EAST exempt purpose, and of reasonable value to the related subject fields of the EAST.

Process regarding submitting Research Support Letter Requests: 

  • Requests for letters of support require a written request at least 21 days in advance of the deadline for receipt.  
  • To grant a letter of support, the research subject area must be consistent with the exempt purpose of EAST.
  • To receive a letter of support, a specific aims page, information on the agency/call for proposal being submitted for, and a statement in writing that the PI agrees to adhere to the compliance and regulatory requirements of the sponsoring institution and any applicable federal policies.
If the request is approved the letter of support will be signed by the EAST Division of Research Director at Large and issued on EAST letterhead.

Requests can be submitted via email to Rachel Dixon, EAST's Association Manager at and should include "Research Support Letter Request" in the subject line.