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 Mentoring in Academic Medicine
A Systematic Review

Dario Sambunjak, MD

Sharon E. Straus, MD, MSc, PRCPC

Ana Marušic´, MD, PhD

American Medical Association

JAMA, September 6, 2006

VOL 296, No. 9

 A Systematic Review of Qualitative Research
on the Meaning and Characteristics of Mentoring
in Academic Medicine

Dario Sambunjak, MD

Sharon E. Straus, MD MSc FRCPC

Ana Marusic, MD


J Gen Intern Med 25(1):72–8
DOI: 10.1007/s11606-009-1165-8
© Society of General Internal Medicine 2009

 Ensuring Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Academic Surgery
American Surgical Association


American Surgical Association &

Association of Women Surgeons

The American Surgical Association and the Association of Women Surgeons have excellent resources related to Equity, Quality, and Inclusion and Mentoring.

Kerin Surgical mentors and role models: prevalence, importance and associated traits

N.A. Healy, R.W. Glynn, C. Malone, P. Cantillon, M.J.

Surg. Educ.

69 (2012), pp. 633-637

Residents as Mentors: The Development of Resident Mentorship Milestones 

Nickalus R. Khan, Kristy L. Rialon, Kate J. Buretta, Jessica R. Deslauriers, Jared L. Harwood, and LCDR Dinchen A. Jardine

Jardine Journal of Graduate Medical Education

2017 9:4, 551-554 

 Mentoring in Medicine

Savithiri Ratnapalan MB BS MEd MRCP FRCPC

Canadian Family Physician

VOL 56: February 2010

Mentorship in surgical training: a systematic review

Pouya Entezami, Lauren E. Franzblau, and Kevin C. Chung

Hand (NY)

2012 Mar;7(1):30-36. Entezami et al.

Coaching and mentoring modern surgeons

Konstantinos P. Economopoulos, MD, PhD, Raphael C. Sun, MD, Erin M. Garvey, MD, Jessica Hogan, MD and Amy Bazzarelli, MD

Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons

August 1, 2014

 Mentoring Young Academic Surgeons, Our Most Precious Asset

Wiley W. Souba, M.D., Sc.D., MBA

Journal of Surgical Research

VOL. 82, No. 2, April 1999

 Speed Mentoring: An Innovative Method to Meet the Needs of the Young Surgeon 

Rebecca C. Britt, Amy N. Hildreth, Shannon N. Acker, Nicolas J. Mouawad, Joshua Mammen, and Jacob Moalem

Journal of Surgical Education

Volume 74/Number 6

November/December 2017

 Men’s Fear of Mentoring in the #MeToo Era – What’s at Stake for Academic Medicine? 

Sophie Soklaridis, Ph.D., Catherine Zahn, M.D.C.M., Ayelet Kuper, M.D., D.Phil., Deborah Gillis, M.A., Valerie H. Taylor, M.D., Ph.D., and Cynthia Whitehead, M.D., Ph.D.

The New England Journal of Medicine

December 2018

Mentoring programs for medical students - a review of the PubMed literature 2000-2008

Frei E, Stamm M, Buddeberg-Fischer B.

BMC Medical Education

10(1):32 · April 2010

 A Faculty-Student Mentoring Program to Enhance Collaboration in Public Health Research in Surgery

BlairJ.Smart,MD,MPH R.SterlingHaring,DO,MPH CherylK.Zogg,MSPH,MHS MarieDiener-West,PhD EricB.Schneider,PhD AdilH.Haider,MD,MPH ElliottR.Haut,MD,PhD

American Medical Association / JAMA Surgery

Published online December 14, 2016

Changing the Surgical Paradigm

Dr. Oscar Guillamondegui


Presented at American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program® (ACS NSQIP®) Conference in July 2016

 A surgery trainee’s guide to writing a manuscript

Tiffany W. Liang, David V. Feliciano, Leonidas G. Koniaris

The American Journal of Surgery

Published 2016

 Paying it forward: Four-year analysis of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Mentoring Program  

Tanya L. Zakrison, MD, MPH, Travis M. Polk, MD, Rachel Dixon, Akpofure P. Ekeh, MD, Kirby R. Gross, MD, Kimberly A. Davis, MD, Stanley J. Kurek, Jr., DO, Nicole A. Stassen, MD, and Mayur B. Patel, MD, MPH, FACS

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

Volume 83, Number 1

EAST/AWS Joint Careercast - The Importance of Mentoring - #45

Dr. Marie Crandall and Dr. Cassandra White

EAST Careercast

Highlights female mentorship

 Surgical Mentorship From Mentee to Mentor: Lessons From the Life of Alfred Blalock, MD 

Clark D. Kensinger, Walter H. Merrill, Sunil K. Geevarghese

American Medical Association / JAMA Surgery

February 2015

Volume 150, Number 2

Measuring the effectiveness of faculty mentoring relationships

Berk RAP, Berg, Janet, MS, RN, Mortimer, Rosemary, MS, MSEd, RN, Walton-Moss, Benita, DNS, RN, Yeo, Theresa P., MSN, MPH, RN

Academic Medicine


"Having the right chemistry": A qualitative study of mentoring in academic medicine

Jackson VA, Palepu A, Szalacha L, Caswell C, Carr PL, Inui T

Acad Med.


Mentoring program for minority faculty at the university of pennsylvania school of medicine

Johnson JC, Williams B, Jayadevappa R

Acad Med.


Mentorship in academic general internal medicine. Results of a survey of mentors

Luckhaupt SE, Chin MH, Mangione CM, et al.

J Gen Intern Med


Deriving competencies for mentors of clinical and translational scholars

Abedin Z, Biskrup E, Silet K, Garbutt JM, Kroenke K, Feldman MD, McGee Jr R, Fleming M, Pincus HA

Clin Transl Sci.


From the editors' desk: Realizing the dream: Mentorship in academic medicine

Feldman MD

J Gen Intern Med.


Does mentoring matter: Results from a survey of faculty mentees at a large health sciences university Medical Education Online

Feldman MD, Arean PA, Marshall SJ, Lovett M, O'Sullivan P

Med Educ Online


Characteristics of successful and failed mentoring relationships: A qualitative study across two academic health centers

Straus SE, Johnson MO, Marquez C, Feldman MD

Acad Med.


A mentor development program for clinical translational science faculty leads to sustained, improved confidence in mentoring skills

Feldman MD, Steinauer JE, Khalili M, et al. 

Clinical and Translational Science

2012; 2012

Training the next generation of research mentors: The University of California, San Francisco, Clinical & Translational Science Institute mentor development program

Feldman MD, Huang L, Guglielmo BJ, et al.

Clinical and Translational Science


Defining the ideal qualities of mentorship: A qualitative analysis of the characteristics of outstanding mentors

Cho CS, Ramanan RA, Feldman MD

Am J Med.


Vanderbilt Resources: Additional mentoring resources


Vanderbilt website


Surgical Mentoring, Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Rombeau, John L., Goldberg, Amy, Loveland-Jones, Catherine



Mentor Training Program (MTP): Overview and Application Information

Mitch Feldman and Mandana Khalili


UCSF Accelerate: Research Resources

Online lectures, etc.