Giving Tuesday

Dear Colleagues,

At EAST we understand that the past couple of years have been extremely challenging. Despite this, our members have risen to the challenge of caring for critically ill and injured patients across the country. Most recently, they joined our inaugural EAST Trauma Center Challenge and helped raise over $100,000 for the EAST Development Fund to support our mission of promoting injury prevention, research and improved trauma systems design while cultivating the next generation of trauma surgeons. For this, we sincerely thank you all!

On Giving Tuesday, rather than asking you to give to EAST, we would like to turn the tables and give back to you for all that you do! On Tuesday, November 30th, we’ll be expressing our thanks and gratitude by gifting a few randomly selected EAST members with EAST swag as small tokens of our appreciation. We’ll be announcing names and gifts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn throughout the day, so stay tuned to find out if your name is called! Recipients will be notified via email as well.

We truly cannot thank you enough for all that you mean to EAST and the millions of people we have helped together through our injury prevention, research efforts, and practice management guidelines.

Happy Giving Tuesday,

The EAST Development Committee