Dr. Laura Johnson

Thank you to Dr. Laura Johnson for supporting the EAST Development Fund!

Donor Story

My first presentation at a national surgical meeting was at EAST in 2007 in Ft. Myers FL. I had no idea what to expect – certainly not a group of Hawaiian shirt and sandals wearing faculty who patiently listened to a young resident presenting on a topic many had devoted their lives to addressing. Their kindness, interest, and support left a lasting impression, one that I continue to reiterate to my medical students and residents – find your family. Find the people you can argue passionately with and then go hit with a dodgeball. Find the people who will challenge your assumptions while at the same time rope you in their projects and plans.

Donating to EAST is how I can provide for the maintenance and care of my family – the opportunity to pay forward the benefits I have received from being a part of this group. Whether it is providing residents a valuable forum to present and learn from leaders in the field or sponsoring young researchers in the field of traumatic injury, the impact of this organization on future trauma leaders is immeasurable. It is my privilege to contribute such that this growth and development continues unabated.

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