Dr. Julia R. Coleman

Recipient of the EAST Oriens Award (2023 Fellow Award Winner)


As the 2023 Oriens Fellow Essay winner, I was afforded the opportunity to come to the annual EAST assembly to share why I want to be a trauma acute care surgeon.  While I have been at the podium before, this time was different - I shared a deeply personal and vulnerable story about being on the other side of patient care and there is no other audience I would want to do this with than the family I have found at EAST. 

EAST has supported me through the years, and this has allowed me to build a network that led to my fellowship and first job, research collaborations that continue to empower my science, and annually energizes me to be the best I can for my patients.  I will forever be grateful for the family I've found at EAST and in the Oriens circle.

Read Dr. Coleman's Essay.

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