Dr. Martin Zielinski

Recipient of the 2011 EAST Trauma Research Scholarship


Credibility, defined as the quality of being believed in, is paramount to receiving high-level funding. Without it, there is little to differentiate you from your competitors.

In 2016, the NIH received 54,220 grant applications. Of these, only 19% were funded. Thanks to the EAST Research Scholarship Committee, we know that there is an academic productivity gap between acute care surgeons and our other surgical peers. It is due to this gap recognition that the EAST Trauma Research Scholarship program must be maintained and expanded.

Without the credibility afforded by the EAST Trauma Research Scholarship, I would have never received my initial NIH funding nor the subsequent grants which have funded my clinical science research laboratory.

Area of ResearchThe Biomechanical Effects of Flaccid Paralysis Induced by Botulinum Toxin a after Damage Control Laparotomy: A Randomized Clinical Trial

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