Dr. Mayur Patel

Recipient of the 2013 EAST Trauma Research Scholarship


The EAST Trauma Research Scholarship is a key investment in motivated trauma surgeon-scientists.

Here’s the math: This $40K scholarship raised confidence in my institution to award me a $300K Career Development Award, and I’ve parlayed this capital into my $3M 5-year Single PI NIH R01 grant (INSIGHT-ICU: GM120484), the first in our Vanderbilt Division of Trauma's >30-year history – all within 3 years of the conclusion of  EAST's support. Excluding other associated small awards, that’s a >75-fold return on investment, which more importantly serves to advance and elevate the science for our injured patients.

Area of Research: DASH After TBI Study: Decreasing Adrenergic or Sympathetic Hyperactivity After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Using Propranolol and Clonidine

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