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Firearms Policy and Injury Prevention: EAST Roundtable Discussion on EBR Review - Podcast #67



In this episode of Traumacast, we hosted an EAST roundtable discussion on firearms policy and firearm-related injury prevention. The discussion centered around the recently released EAST literature review and Practice Management Guideline on the efficacy of restrictive licensing and concealed carry laws for preventing firearm-related injuries, as well as the recent efforts of the Committee on Trauma to promote open discussion and consensus buidling to tackle this challenging problem. The panelists included Marie Crandall and Alex Eastman (co-authors of the EAST PMG), Ronny Stewart (Chair, COT), Nicole Stassen (EAST President), and Kevin Schuster (Chair, EAST Manuscript and Literature Review Committee). This interview was recorded live at the 2016 AAST Annual Meeting in Waikaloa, Hawaii.

Supplemental Materials:
EAST Practice Management Guideline: Prevention of Firearm-Related Injuries with Restrictive Licensing and Concealed Carry Laws 

Firearm Injury Prevention: A Consensus Approach to Reducing Preventable Deaths