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Research Support and Mentorship through EAST: The New INVEST-C Program - Podcast #68



In this episode of Traumacast, we interviewed Dr. Jason Smith and Dr. Ben Zarzaur about an exciting new EAST program called: Investigator Support Team Core, or INVEST-C. This program aims to leverage the considerable amount of research resources of the EAST membership in order to provide research mentorship, research design assistance, multicenter collaborations, statistical support, and editorial services for young investigators with promising research ideas and projects. The program will formally kick off in 2017 with a two-day research “Hackathon” where a small group of selected junior researchers will receive intensive mentorship and assistance to fully develop their research plan, study design, and IRB/IACUC proposal, and leave with a complete or near-complete project that is ready to execute. Listen for some great insights into not only this new EAST program, but also on key lessons and tips to succeed in the field of surgical research.

Supplemental Materials:

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