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What is EVTM? A Discussion with Dr. Tal Hörer about Endovascular Trauma and Resuscitation Management - Traumacast #99



As stated on the website for the Endovascular Trauma and Resuscitation Management (EVTM) Society, “EVTM aims to provide a truly Open Access platform for the dissemination of knowledge and peer-reviewed research in the field of endovascular and hybrid hemorrhage control. Besides this we work to spread this new paradigm within trauma management through workshops, symposia and social media.” This society and their associated journal and international meetings are led by Tal Hörer, MD, PhD and his team in Örebro, Sweden. In this traumacast we discuss the EVTM Society, modern endovascular trauma interventions and concepts, and highlights for the upcoming 2nd Annual EVTM Symposium with Dr. Hörer and co-moderators Matthew Martin and Carrie Valdez.

Supplemental Materials

EVTM website

Information and registration for the 2018 EVTM symposium