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Cybersecurity – You Only Know When You HAVEN'T Planned A Great Defense - #152



Who is hacking our hospital systems and why?  What can you do about it?
Listen in as we interview Menny Barzilay, partner at Cytactic – Cyber Crisis Management, and Matan Scharf. Both guests are internationally known cyber security experts, formerly in the intelligence services of the Israeli Defense Forces and currently working at Tel Aviv University. Join Drs. Carrie Valdez and Lauren Dudas for a fascinating discussion on Cybersecurity.   Additional resources and links to more talks with our guests are listed below. 

Supplemental Material:
Menny Barzilay website, great resources, newsletter and blog -

Cyber attack suspected in German woman’s death, NYT article:

Death by Cyber, YouTube talk by Menny Barzilay -

Autoimmune Deficiency, Hospital Cyber Defense, YouTube talk by Matan Scharf -

Securing the World: Cybersecurity in the Age of IoT, YouTube talk by Matan Scharf -