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Elderly Falls Prevention - Podcast #85



"Have we changed the PS 50 (probability of survival) for the elderly trauma patient?"  Dr. Robert Barraco quotes one of his mentors, Dr. Carl Valenziano, in this episode about the topic of elderly falls prevention.  Joining Dr. Barraco in this episode is Dr. Marie Crandall, lead author of the EAST EBR "Prevention of fall-related injuries in the elderly."  Traumacast moderators Drs. Kevin Pei and David Morris discuss many aspects of elderly falls prevention and the larger topic of geriatric medicine as it pertains to modern trauma care with Drs. Barraco and Crandall.

Resources and Relevant Websites
EAST EBR - Prevention of fall-related injuries in the elderly
CDC - STEADI (Stop Elderly Accidents, Deaths, & Injury)
Stepping On
Cochrane - Interventions for preventing falls in older people living in the community
Cochrane - Population-based programs for the prevention of fall related injuries in older people
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Geriatric Trauma Committee
American College of Surgeons - Optimal Perioperative Care of the Geriatric Patient
American Geriatrics Society