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Case Records of the Joint Trauma System Episode #4 - Part 2: The Experts Go to War - Podcast #93



At the 2017 annual meeting of the Military Health System Research Symposium, the US military Joint Trauma System (JTS) held a session of the newly created educational program called "Case Records of the Joint Trauma System". This is a planned series of presentations where an expert panel is presented with interesting and challenging battlefield trauma cases drawn from the Department of Defense Trauma Registry. This registry has captured data on all wounded patients treated at forward military medical treatment facilities during combat and post-combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This program has been spearheaded by Colonel Jennifer Gurney, an Army trauma surgeon and the current Chief of Trauma Systems Development with the JTS. This challenging and entertaining session featured an expert panel representing multiple military services and several allied nations, and was co-moderated by Colonel Gurney and Colonel Marty Schreiber. The 2-hour session has been broken into two podcasts - part 1 and part 2. A brief introductory review of the military "echelons of care" system and terminology is provided by Colonel Gurney and Colonel Matthew Martin, and was recorded live from Baghdad, Iraq.

Supplemental Materials:

  1. Joint Trauma System website
  2. For any questions about this program, suggestions for future venues or cases, and to submit any cases or case material, please email Dr. Jen Gurney at: