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Ultrasound in Trauma and Critical Care - Supported by ImaCor - Podcast #97



Ultrasound (U/S) has been described as the "stethoscope of the 21st century." Guests Charity Evans, MD and Benjie Christie, MD, discuss how they have incorprorated U/S in their management of critical patients -- including evaluation of the pleural space, cardiac ultrasound, and indwelling TEE probes to provide instantaneous feedback on the effectiveness of interventions.  We also discuss credentialing for U/S privileges, curricula for trainees, and the utilization of U/S in the trauma PI process. 

Society of Critical Care Medicine Ultrasound Resources

EAST and the EAST Traumacast crew wishes to express our gratitude to ImaCor, makers of the hTEE device, for a generous grant that helped make this episode possible.