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Pediatric Non-Accidental Trauma: Recognizing the Red Flags - Podcast #48



Pediatric abusive injuries and non-accidental trauma (NAT) are unfortunately common and widespread, and can frequently go unrecognized with disastrous outcomes. In this podcast we discuss pediatric NAT with Dr. Tony Escobar and Dr. Elizabeth Pohlson from Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Dr. Escobar and Dr. Pohlson are recognized local and national experts on this topic, and have implemented a hugely successful evidence-based and multi-disciplinary screening and evaluation process at their center. In this podcast they discuss the problem of pediatric NAT, as well as the common “red flags” from the history, physical examination, and radiologic studies that should alert a physician to the possibility of NAT. In addition, they discuss some actual cases and real-world scenarios involving pediatric NAT, along with practical advice for the front line medical provider on optimal evaluation and management strategies. A copy of their standardized NAT evaluation note as well as their evidence based evaluation algorithm are included below in the supplementary materials section. 

Supplemental Materials: 
NAT Evaluation Note

NAT Algorithm
Non-Accidental Trauma slideset