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EAST Town Hall Debate: Antibiotics-Only vs. Surgery for Acute Appendicitis: The APPAC Trial and Beyond - Podcast #50 - EP



This podcast is the recording of the first inaugural EAST Town Hall Debate session, on the topic of treating patients with an “Antibiotics-only” approach for acute appendicitis versus the standard treatment of surgical appendectomy. This has become a particularly controversial topic recently following publication of the APPAC Trial in JAMA (link to article below). The program started with two teams in a standard debate format, followed by additional expert commentary from two invited guest speakers: Dr. Edward Livingston, Deputy Editor of JAMA and Dr. Elliott Haut, author of an invited commentary on the APPAC Trial. The debate was then opened up to questions and comments from any listener during the live session.

The Foes:  EAST Emergency General Surgery Section (Pro Appendectomy) vs. EAST Online Education Section (Pro Antibiotics-only)

Moderated by Dr. Levi Procter

Supplemental Materials:
APPAC Trial - JAMA website.
 This page also contains links to multiple related commentaries, as well as a podcast interview with the study authors by Dr. Livingston.