Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee identifies and fosters opportunities to assist trauma and acute care surgeons at all stages of their career with professional development through:

  • Educational opportunities
  • Career building strategies for all types of practices and practice settings
  • Exchange of information and identification of resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Developing career and academic pursuits

Committee members are appointed by the President with approval by the Board of Directors.  Committee member terms are three years.  All terms begin in January and conclude in January in the year specified in "term ends".



Salina M. Wydo, MD, FACSSalina M. Wydo, MD, FACS, Chair
Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ
Term ends 01/13/2024
Sneha Gajanan Bhat, MDSneha Gajanan Bhat, MD, Committee Member
University of Texas Southwestern in ,
Term ends 01/21/2023
Roberto Castillo, DO, MPHRoberto Castillo, DO, MPH, Committee Member
St. Luke's University Health Network in ,
Term ends 01/18/2025
John P.  Davis, MDJohn P. Davis, MD, Committee Member
University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA
Term ends 01/13/2024
Alexander L. Eastman, MD, MPH, FACSAlexander L. Eastman, MD, MPH, FACS, Committee Member
US Department of Homeland Security in Irving, TX
Term ends 01/13/2024
Charles T. Harris, MDCharles T. Harris, MD, Committee Member
Tulane University in New Orleans, LA
Term ends 01/13/2024
Prerna  Ladha, MBBSPrerna Ladha, MBBS, Committee Member
MetroHealth Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/13/2024
Alaina M. Lasinski, MDAlaina M. Lasinski, MD, Committee Member
MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, OH
Term ends 01/13/2024
Ayesha  N. Lovick, MDAyesha N. Lovick, MD, Committee Member
in ,
Term ends 01/13/2024
Hassan Mashbari, MDHassan Mashbari, MD, Committee Member
Jazan University, Faculty of Medicine in ,
Term ends 01/13/2024
Catherine L McKnight, MDCatherine L McKnight, MD, Committee Member
University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, TN
Term ends 01/18/2025
Joshua E Nash, DOJoshua E Nash, DO, Committee Member
University Hospitals - Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, OH
Term ends 01/18/2025
Jacinta Robenstine, MDJacinta Robenstine, MD, Committee Member
Metrohealth Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/21/2023
Rathna Shenoy, MDRathna Shenoy, MD, Committee Member
Summa Health in ,
Term ends 01/21/2023
Joseph Stirparo, MDJoseph Stirparo, MD, Committee Member
Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allenown, PA
Term ends 01/21/2023
Stephanie Streit, MD, FACSStephanie Streit, MD, FACS, Committee Member
United States Air Force in ,
Term ends 01/18/2025
Colleen M Trevino, NP, PhDColleen M Trevino, NP, PhD, Committee Member
Medical College of Wisconsin in ,
Term ends 01/21/2023
Jamie J. Coleman, MD, FACSJamie J. Coleman, MD, FACS, Ex Officio
University of Louisville in ,
Term ends 01/13/2024

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