Burn Surgery Committee

Improve understanding, treatment and prevention of thermal trauma. Facilitate collaborative relationships and improve the exchange of knowledge in the care of thermally injured patients between burn surgeons and their trauma and acute care surgery colleagues; to organize, grow, and lead scholarship opportunities for burn surgeons; and to support EAST members interested in the surgical and critical care of the burn patient.

Committee members are appointed by the President with approval by the Board of Directors.  Committee member terms are three years. All terms begin in January and conclude in January in the year specified in "term ends".


Laura S. Johnson, MD, FACSLaura S. Johnson, MD, FACS, Co-chair
Emory University in Atlanta, GA
Term ends 01/17/2026
Monty R. Littlejohn, MDMonty R. Littlejohn, MD, Co-chair
Geisinger in ,
Term ends 01/16/2027
Taryn Elise Travis, MD, FACSTaryn Elise Travis, MD, FACS, Co-chair
MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC
Term ends 01/16/2027
Joshua Carson, MD, FACSJoshua Carson, MD, FACS, Committee Member
Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, IL
Term ends 01/16/2027
Theresa L. Chin, MD, MPHTheresa L. Chin, MD, MPH, Committee Member
UC Irvine Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/18/2025
Renford  Cindass, MDRenford Cindass, MD, Committee Member
US Army Institute of Surgical Research in ,
Term ends 01/17/2026
Kevin E. Galicia, MDKevin E. Galicia, MD, Committee Member
Loyola University Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/16/2027
Samantha A Lahey, MDSamantha A Lahey, MD, Committee Member
University of Utah in ,
Term ends 01/16/2027
Stephanie Martinez, MDStephanie Martinez, MD, Committee Member
University of Nevada, Las Vegas in ,
Term ends 01/16/2027
Lauren Nosanov, MDLauren Nosanov, MD, Committee Member
Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA
Term ends 01/18/2025
Bradley Rittenhouse, MDBradley Rittenhouse, MD, Committee Member
Brooke Army Medical Center in ,
Term ends 01/16/2027
Christine  C. Eme, Executive DirectorChristine C. Eme, Executive Director, Ex Officio
Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma in Chicago, IL
Term ends 01/15/2028
Jennifer L. Hartwell, MD, FACSJennifer L. Hartwell, MD, FACS, Ex Officio
University of Kansas in Kansas City, KS
Term ends 01/17/2026

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