1. Educational Opportunity: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Elderly Patients on Oral Blood Thinners 3/16/2023
  2. Proceedings from the Second Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention, 2022: Creating a Sustainable Healthcare Coalition to Advance a Multidisciplinary Public Health Approach - Chicago, IL September 10-11, 2022 3/10/2023
  3. Message from the EAST President 3/10/2023
  4. CNTR Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s Summit for the Advancement of Focused Equity Research in Trauma (SAFER-Trauma) 3/2/2023
  5. Navigating Surgical Critical Care Fellowship and Beyond - Guidebook 11/15/2022
  6. AAST, EAST, & WTA Statement on Firearm-Related Injuries 7/5/2022
  7. EAST Robotic Surgery for the Acute Care Surgeon Webinar Series 3/14/2022
  8. Share Your Speaking & Research Interests with EAST Members 1/11/2022
  9. Shop EAST. Support the Development Fund 8/31/2021
  10. What is Trauma Video Review (TVR) - An EAST Webinar 3/29/2021
  11. EAST Statement on Racism and Violence 3/26/2021
  12. What is CNTR? 11/20/2020
  13. EAST Quality in Communications - What, Why and How - An EAST Webinar 8/16/2020
  14. As members of the healthcare system, there has never been a more pressing need for us to unite 6/1/2020
  15. Committee on Trauma Guidance Statement on Maintaining Access to Care in Response to COVID-19 3/20/2020
  16. Emergency Medicine and Trauma Specialist's Quick Guide for Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers 10/17/2019
  17. Proceedings Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention: A Public Health approach to reduce death and disability in the United States, Chicago, Illinois, February 10-11, 2019 5/21/2019
  18. EAST Firearm Injury Prevention Statement Published in TSACO - March 2019 5/1/2019

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