EAST Master Classes

The fields of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Emergency General Surgery are in a state of constant evolution, and frequently require the adoption of new techniques, procedures, technologies, concepts, or treatment paradigms.  This series of live webinars aims to promote greater understanding of cutting edge developments affecting the field and to help members assess the potential for incorporation or adoption of these into their practice or local program/center.

These live webinars will allow time for open discussion and debate among the viewers and presenters immediately following the formal presentation. All EAST Master Class webinars will be recorded and then posted as enduring material on the EAST website and the EAST YouTube channel for viewing or reviewing at any time in the future.

EAST Master Classes Webinars

3/25/2021 - What is Trauma Video Review (TVR)?
From the EAST Quality, Safety, and Outcomes Committee, this Webinar covered:
What is Trauma Video Review?
Current Utilization and Application in the United States
Practical Considerations
Maintaining a Program
Future Directions
Watch the Webinar - Passcode: hRJe8Q+3

2/13/2019 - EAST Master Class Webinar - Factor-Based Resuscitation and  Anticoagulation Reversal - Supported by CSL Behring

Epic battle of the (self-described) giants of thrombosis! In this EAST Master Class Webinar, Drs. Matt Martin, Bellal Joseph, Macky Neal, and Babak Sarani debate the pros and cons of factor-based resuscitation and anticoagulation reversal.  The last 10 years have seen a dramatic shift in the way we are resuscitating bleeding patients and dealing with the consequences of new anticoagulation medications.  What is the role of clotting factor concentrates in these situations?  What are the implications of their use?  Does the benefit justify their cost? 

Special thanks to CSL Behring for their support of this Webinar.

4/23/2018 - EAST Master Class Webinar - Beyond FAST: Ultrasound in Trauma and ICE Care - Supported by ImaCor, Inc. 
Ultrasound has been described as the stethoscope of the 21st century. Most trauma surgeons are routinely using FAST in the trauma bay, but are you using U/S to its full potential? This EAST Master Class Webinar demonstrated additional uses of U/S in the trauma bay to help guide ongoing resuscitation as well as advanced U/S techniques, including the indwelling hTEE probe, for care of critically ill patients in the ICU. Drs Charity Evans and Benjie Christie demonstrated the techniques and show videos of how they are using U/S in their respective practices. Following the demonstrations, Drs. Evans and Christie will provide a live Q+A with participants. This webinar was held and recorded on 4/19/2018.

Special thanks to ImaCor, Inc. for their support of this Webinar. Listen to the EAST Traumacast, on this topic also supported by ImaCor, Inc.

8/16/2017 - EAST Master Class Webinar - The Angel Catheter for Prevention of Pulmonary Embolism - Supported by Bio2 Medical, Inc.

We've all had a patient who is high risk for VTE who can't receive chemoprophylaxis.  What options are available?  

In this webinar, Drs. Bruce Crookes and Ronald Sing join moderator Dr. Dave Morris in discussing and demonstrating the Angel Catheter, a new device that was developed for “bridging prophylaxis” against pulmonary embolus.  “Bridging prophylaxis” doesn’t sound familiar? 

A previous EAST Traumacast introduced the Angel Catheter and described its clinical use.  This webinar focused on the details and techniques of placement.    

This webinar was made possible by a grant from Bio2Medical, Inc.

2/22/2017 - Rib Fracture Fixation: Indications, Technique, and Post-op Management

Listen to experts Dr. Tom White and Dr. Fred Fieracci discuss the indications and techniques for surgical fixation of rib fractures. Using videos and operative photos, Drs. White and Pieracci share their experiences with difficult anatomy, tough cases, and how to approach these injuries operatively.  Slide Deck.

This EAST Master Class was supported by a restricted educational grant from  DePuy Synthes.

1/13/2017 - Case Records of the Joint Trauma System: A Battlefield Mortality and Morbidity Conference

This video was recorded during the 30th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly

Modern battlefield trauma care is characterized by highly complex and multi-system injury patterns, severe injuries, and care delivered in an austere and resource-constrained environment. This results in fertile ground for challenging management decisions, adverse events, suboptimal outcomes, and even preventable deaths. This episode was recorded during a session at the 2017 EAST Annual Scientific Assembly that consisted of a moderated discussion of 3 cases from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that resulted in a potentially preventable death, or major adverse outcome. The cases were presented in a standard M&M conference format, with open audience discussion throughout regarding key management decisions and options, and suggestions for preventing or minimizing the adverse events. There were 4 cases presented, emphasizing every phase of battlefield care, from pre-hospital thru to medical evacuation back to the United States.  Listen also to the audio-only recording through EAST Traumacasts.

REBOA: Techniques, Indications, Pitfalls, and Incorporating it into your Trauma Program. This EAST Master Class Webinar was held on 10-6-2016 and supported by and unrestricted grant from Prytime Medical.
Webinar Slide Deck