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Postoperative Analgesia in the Emergency General Surgery Patient2021

Type: Update Practice Management Guideline (PMG)
Category: Emergency General Surgery
Committee Liaison: Asanthi M. Ratnasekera, DO, FACS

Team leader(s)

Adequate postoperative analgesia plays a significant role in the recovery of the emergency general surgery patient. Literature from other specialties has demonstrated the importance of multimodal analgesia in improving pain control and limiting narcotic use. A Practice Management Guideline regarding multimodal analgesia would provide an important and necessary resource to acute care surgeons as there is no standardized resource regarding multimodal analgesia in this patient population.

Team members:
• Rondi Gelbard, MD, FACS
• Kathleen To, MD
• Konstantin Khariton, DO
• Ali Cheaito, MD
• Christopher Butts, PhD, DO
• Eric Legome, MD
• Leo Andrew Benedict, MD, FACS
• Chris Dente, MD
• Ali Mallat, MD, MS, FACS
• Milad Behbahaninia, MD
• Kelsey Ensor, MD
• Michael Martyak, MD

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