Guidelines Under Development

If you have a recommendation for a new EAST Practice Management Guideline (PMG) or Evidence Based Review (EBR) or an update to an existing one, submit a proposal using the form below. Proposals will be reviewed by the EAST Guidelines Committee. Notification of proposal approval will be sent to the proposer via email.

If a PMG under development is in need of volunteers, a volunteer button will be activated. To volunteer as a team member, click the volunteer button for the PMG or EBR of interest and an email will be sent to the EAST Administrative Offices.  Your volunteer request will be reviewed by the Chair of the Guidelines Committee and confirmed by email notification.

EAST Practice Management Guideline Proposal

Interested in finding out more about how to write a PMG using GRADE, EAST PMG Development, or where to receive GRADE training?  Visit our EAST Guidelines and GRADE Resource Warehouse.

To view an ideal timeline for the development of an EAST Practice Management Guideline click  here.

*Although EAST membership not a pre-requisite to co-authoring a PMG, EAST typically reserves the use of non-EAST members for those with specific expertise (i.e. methodology or non-trauma clinical experience).

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