Advertising Your PMG/EBR through EAST

Once your PMG/EBR is accepted for publication the EAST Guidelines Committee suggests the following options and steps to help with advertising your EAST PMG/EBR.
  1. Step No. 1: Creation of EAST Visual Abstract for published EAST PMG/EBR
  2. Step No. 2: Promotion of your PMG/EBR on social media (complete the online form below)

Step No. 1 - Create an EAST Visual Abstract:

Please create a Visual Abstract for your published PMG/EBR using the following EAST template.  Once created and approved by your working group please email to Rachel Dixon, EAST's Association Manager at  In conjunction with creating a Visual Abstract please also complete the online form above indicating how you would like your EAST PMG/EBR advertised by EAST. 

If you need help in creating your visual abstract members of the EAST Guidelines Committee are able to help.  Please email if assistance is needed.

Step No. 2 - Social Media Promotion Information:

Take advantage of having your PMG/EBR promoted by EAST on social media!  Please complete the following online form.  Items promoted on a scheduled basis as information is received and as timing permits.