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Pediatric BCVI2019

Type: New Evidence Based Review (EBR)
Category: Trauma
Committee Liaison: Rachel D. Appelbaum, MD

Team leader(s)

This PMG is a collaboration between EAST and the Pediatric Trauma Society.

The current EAST BCVI from 2013 does include a small section on children, but it was not the sole focus. While the EAST guideline is being updated by Dr. Dennis Kim, there will not be a pediatric focus. Of the 4 proposed PICO questions, none directly address the unique diagnostic and management challenges of BCVI in children. Additionally, there is new pediatric data (albeit retrospective) since the last guidelines (after 2013) were issued that can add additional perspective on the recommendations. These studies were included in the recent TQIP guidelines. However, those guidelines were far-ranging on many topics and did not follow the GRADE methodology.  This PMG is jointly developed by EAST and the Pediatric Trauma Society. 

Work Group Members
Lucas Neff, MD - Pediatric Trauma Society - Leader
Nicole Fox, MD, MPH
Michael McCory
William O'Brien
Kim Terry
Charlotte Yarrow

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