Research Scholarships & Awards

EAST is pleased to offer research awards such as the Trauma Research Scholarship, which provides seed money for investigators to commence a lifelong career in insightful research, and INVEST-C, which links established investigators with junior members to mentor them through the process of designing robust scientific projects and obtaining funding for them. The Multicenter Trials Junior Investigator Award assists junior investigators in conducting and publishing multicenter trials.

To learn more about these research scholarships and awards, visit the Scholarships & Awards page.

Video Interviews with Research Scholarship Recipients

Interested specifically in learning more about EAST's research scholarships? Find video interviews with recipients of the EAST Trauma Research Scholarship, the EAST Multicenter Trials Junior Investigator Award, and the John M. Templeton, Jr., MD Injury Control & Violence Prevention Scholarship here.

Read Testimonials from Scholarship & Award Recipients

Learn how how our recipients have benefited from the numerous scholarships and awards that EAST offers across research, injury control and violence prevention, and education and leadership development. Visit the Scholarship & Award Recipients page.