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Welcome to the EAST Careercasts.  The Careercasts are a series of audio interviews with leaders in the field designed to provide you with practical information regarding career development, leadership and career challenges.

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Podcasts Currently Available

EAST Careercast logo Hear from the 2023 EAST Oriens Award Recipients - #70
The EAST Oriens Award is a resident and fellow essay competition celebrating the passions that drive us to choose a career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  In this podcast, Dr. Hassan Mashbari talks with the 2023 Oriens Award Recipients, Dr. Julia R. Coleman (Fellow recipient) and Dr. Colin Whitmore (Resident recipient), as they share their  essays and discuss what has led them to a career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.

Supplemental Material
EAST Oriens Award information and past award recipients and essays.
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EAST Careercast logo #WWCCBD - A Conversation with the 2023 EAST Oriens Keynote - Dr. Clay Cothren Burlew - #69
At the 36th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly (January 17-21, 2023) Dr. Clay Cothren Burlew, MD, FACS gave an inspiring Oriens Keynote address- #WWCCBD. Dr. Cothren Burlew shared important experiences that shaped her and the lessons she learned along the way. It left the audience in awe and wanting more. In an interview by Dr. Charlie Harris and Dr. Prerna Ladha, Dr. Burlew talks more about her journey, shares pearls of wisdom, and what it is to leave a legacy.

Click here for more information on the EAST Oriens Award and Keynote Addresses.
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EAST Careercast logo Sham Peer Review - #68

The Peer Review Committee at your hospital or institution is continually monitoring the performance of all its physicians as part of its quality and safety initiative.  This episode focuses on what to know about the peer review process if you happen to get the attention of the peer review committee: how to use the experience to improve yourself, and how to protect yourself and your career from sham peer review. 

Dr. Charlie Harris interviews Dr. Andrew Bernard, Chief of the Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.  For more on the topic of sham peer review, please see the 2016 EAST town hall moderated by Drs. Bernard and Matt Martin here
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EAST Careercast logo How Do You Know When It's Time to Make A Move? - #64

How do you know when it's time to make a move? What factors do you have to consider when looking for the next opportunity? This episode focuses on finding new career challenges, and the personal challenges that might come along with it. Are you running away from something you don't like or running towards something new? 

Dr. Stephanie Streit interviews Dr. Martin Zielinski, the Chief of the Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine. 

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EAST Careercast logo Saying No to Opportunities: Sabotage or Strategy - #63

As we develop our careers we are presented with various opportunities : administrative, clinical, research and teaching. Some opportunities align with our goals and availability, while others do not. We are faced with the ultimate question: Do you say yes or no? How does one balance the risk of losing out with the risk of over-committing? 

Tune in to hear Dr. Prerna Ladha interview Dr. Bellal Joseph and Dr. Jeffrey Claridge as they argue opposing sides of this common dilemma.
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EAST Careercast logo Exploring the Gender and Diversity Gap in Trauma Surgery - #48

In this Careercast, Dr. Salina Wydo interviews Dr. Paula Ferrada on exploring the gender and diversity gap in trauma surgery.  Dr. Ferrada shares her personal experiences, as well as insights and practical advice on improving inclusivity in our community, and encourages individual surgeons to succeed by “[doing] what you want not to spite them, but in spite of them.”

For more information on the topic, please visit the joint AWS/EAST Careercast #45 on the Importance of Mentoring 

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EAST Careercast logo Early Career Advancement - #47

In this EAST Careercast, Dr. Ruby Skinner interviews Dr. Jamie Coleman of the Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center, on critical aspects pertaining to early career advancement.  Dr. Coleman discusses the first academic  job change and how mentorship, networking and developing unique research, clinical and outreach activities impact career advancement.

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EAST Careercast logo EAST/AWS Joint Careercast - The Importance of Mentoring - #45

The Association for Women Surgeons (AWS) and Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) have teamed up in this podcast to discuss the importance of the EAST Mentoring Program and to discuss the importance of women mentoring other women in surgery.  We are joined by Dr. Marie Crandall and Dr. Cassandra White, whose mentoring relationship began in the EAST program in 2017.  

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EAST Careercast logo The Acute Care Surgeon - Updated - An Interview with Dr. L.D. Britt - Careercast #44

This EAST Careercast brings back Dr. L.D. Britt for a discussion about "Acute Care Surgery." In a follow-up to one of the first Careercasts (Careercast #3) recorded in 2014, Dr. Leichtle interviews Dr. Britt about the current state of our specialty, its most important challenges, and future directions. Among many other things, listeners will learn why the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery should consider a name change, how surgical rescue might become a new pillar of Acute Care Surgery, and what the future holds for training and board certification.

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EAST Careercast logo The EAST Mentor and Mentee Experience - An Interview with Dr. Matthew Lissauer - Careercast #34

In this careercast, Dr. Stephanie Bonne from Rutgers University in Newark interviews Dr. Matthew Lissauer from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University about his experience in the EAST Mentoring Program. They discuss both the mentor and the mentee experience in this program, and review some of the key components of good mentoring relationships. This careercast also discusses the way in which you can become involved in the EAST mentoring program and what you can expect to achieve as a participant.

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EAST Careercast logo Advanced Practitioners Training Programs - Careercast #33

Crossover episode!  Just like the time the Fonz was on Mork and Mindy, this episode brings the moderators of EAST's Traumacast, Dr. Dave Morris and Careercasts, Dr. Brad Dennis (we'll let you decide who is Mork and who is the Fonz) together. The topic is the training programs available for Adavanced Practitioners: the types of programs available, how the terms "residency" and "fellowship" are used, and what to look for in a reputable program. Guests Jon Messing and Aaron Pugh both run successful Advanced Practitioners training fellowships and are actively involved in developing these programs nationally. Both provide interesting insights into this aspect of trauma provider education.

Websites referenced:
Association of Post Graduate APRN Programs
Association of Physician Assistant Programs
American Nurses Credentialing Center
National Nurse Practitioner Residency & Fellowship Training Consortium
EAST Fellowship Listings/Advanced Practitioners 

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EAST Careercast logo Incorporating Advanced Care Practitioners into Trauma Practice - Careercast #25

Due to resident work hours restrictions and physician staffing shortages, Advanced Care Practitioners have become increasingly common in trauma care over the last decade.  Dr. Brad Dennis talks with Dr. Britt Christmas and Marialice Gulledge, ACNP, both from Carolinas Medical Center, about incorporating ACPs into current trauma care models.

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EAST Careercast logo Faculty Tracks - Careercast #24

Clinical, education, and research "faculty tracks" relate to the Governing of Appointments, Promotions, and Professional Activities within Universities.  In this Podcast, Dr. Gregory Peck invites Dr. PJ Schenarts, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs at University  of Nebraska, to help understand "faculty tracks" and their importance for fellows embarking on careers in acute care surgery. 

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EAST Careercast logo Why I Want a Career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery - An Interview with the 2016 EAST Oriens Award Recipients - Careercast #22

The EAST Oriens "This is Why I Want a Career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery" Award celebrates why you do what you do.  In this interview conducted by Dr. Bradley Dennis with 2016 EAST President, Dr. Nicole Stassen, the 2016 EAST Oriens Award recipients, Samuel Ross, MD, MPH (2016 Resident Recipient) and Dylan Nieman, MD, PhD (2016 Fellow Recipient) discuss their award winning essays and discuss why they chose a career in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  

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EAST Careercast logo Building and Strengthening Relationships with Prehospital Providers - An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Salomone - Careercast #21

Interviewed by Dr. David Skarupa, Dr. Jeffrey Salomone discusses "Building and Strengthening Relationships with Prehospital Providers."

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EAST Careercast logo Dealing with Challenging Work Environments - An Interview with Dr. Oscar Guillamondegui - Careercast #5

Interviewed by Dr. David Skarupa, Dr. Oscar Guillamondegui discusses dealing with challenging work environments.

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