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Trauma in Pregnancy2019

Type: Update Practice Management Guideline (PMG)
Existing PMG/EBR: Pregnancy and Trauma
Category: Trauma
Committee Liaison: Rachel D. Appelbaum, MD

Team leader(s)

PMG last published in 2010. Since that time there have been several advances in nonoperative management, angio-embolization, critical care and neonatal care.

Work Group Members:
Jennifer Freeman, MD 
Krista Haines, DO
Brian Yorkgitis, DO
George Kasotakis, MD, MPH
Nicole Fox, MD, MPH
John Como, MD, MPH
Thai Lan Tran, MD
Jaswin Sawhney, MD
Selma Siddiqui, MD
Stephanie Streit, MD
Kaushik, Mukherjee, MD, MSCI
Dennis Y. Kim, MD
Kaushik, Mukherjee, MD, MSCI
Jason Vaught, MD
Torri Metz, MD
Chris Pettker, MD
Saamia Shaikh, DO, JD
Jeanette Zhang, MD
Jordan Kirsch, DO
Jake Hirshberg
Jeremy Levin, MD
Chris Butts, PhD, DO
Josh Rosen, MD, MHS
Jennifer To, DO
Ariel Knight, MD
Michael Iannamorelli, DO
Kristen Carter, MD
Katherine Kelley, MD

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