2016 Handouts and Syllabi

Syllabi and handouts are available for download for the various sessions and workshops held during the 29th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly.

Plenary Sessions

Scientific Papers That Should Have Changed Your Practice Part V


Leadership Development Workshop Part III: A Formula for Success as a Leader in Trauma
Leadership Development Workshop Part III: A Formula for Success as a Leader in Trauma - Dr. Andrew Peitzman Handout
Advanced Practitioners in Trauma Workshop: Hospital Complications in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Engage the Masters Course

Today's Topics

Today's Topic 01 - The Bleeding Stops Here! New Advances in Early Hemorrhage Control - Updated 1/9/2015
Today's Topic 02 - National Data Sources for Acute Care Surgery: Pearls & Pitfalls for Researchers & Readers
Sunrise Session 03 - Improving Patient Expectations and Satisfaction Using a Self-Education & Peer Support Process
Sunrise Session 04 - Don't Have Time for Pediatric Injury Prevention? Now You Do! Packaged Prevention Programs
Sunrise Session 05 - Emergent Reversal of Bleeding Associated with Novel Anticoagulants
Sunrise Session 06 - Management of Mild TBI - Military Lessions and the Public Health Crisis in America
Sunrise Session 07 - Complex Ventral Hernia Surgery for the Acute Care Surgeon
Sunrise Session 08 - Mentoring Tomorrow's Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon
Sunrise Session 09 - The Other Side of What We Do...Providing a Good Death
Sunrise Session 10 - Competent Rural Trauma Care: What You Need to Know to be Successful...
Sunrise Session 11 - Preparing for the Next War: Pivotal Military-Civilian Relationships - Updated 1/9/2015
Sunrise Session 12 - Disease Grading Systems in Emergency General Surgery
Sunrise Session 13 - Career Transitions for Trauma Surgeons: Just Another Step Along the Way or a Chance...
Sunrise Session 14 - The International Collaboration in Trauma & Acute Care Surgery: How to Get Involved
Sunrise Session 15 - Breaking Down Cultural Walls Preventing Effective ED and Hospital Throughput