Audio interviews addressing upcoming research and its application to the injured patient, education efforts related to trauma, and novel methods in the management of injury.

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Podcasts Currently Available

EAST Traumacast logo FFP Resuscitation in Burn: Are Your Patients Missing Out On This Benefit? - #162

Join Drs. Cardenas and Dudas discuss the history, role, potential benefits and implementation of FFP resuscitation as a strategy in burn patients with burn specialists Drs. Robel Beyene, Colonel Jennifer Gurney and Tina Palmieri.  What other options are being studied and what is on the horizon?  Don’t miss this information packed discussion!

Supplemental Material: Fellowships - The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma

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EAST Traumacast logo Management of the Burn Patient - #135

Join moderator Dr. Red Hoffman as she speaks with Drs. Callie Thompson and Lyndsay Deeter as well as veteran burn nurse Leslyn Wiese about the management of the burn patient.  They discuss how to work up the traumatically injured burn patient, things not to miss in electrical injuries, how to best deal with facial burns secondary to smoking on home oxygen and the challenges of dealing with deep second-degree burns.  They also offer some tips and tricks about how to care for burns at your own institution (if you are not at a burn center).  

University of Washington Burn Educational Videos on YouTube: 

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