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Podcasts Currently Available

EAST Traumacast logo Robotics in ACS: Feasible and Beneficial! - #168
Join new moderator Dr. Mohammed Bawazeer and Dr. Lauren Dudas discuss the planning and implementation of a robotic ACS program with Drs. Bruce Crookes and Heather Evans.  They talk about the benefits for both patients and the institution and how it has transformed their practices.  The episodes finishes with a game of surgery truth or dare: Lap, Open or Robotic.
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EAST Traumacast logo Let's Talk Pilonidal Disease - #150
Drs. Tatiana Cardenas and Lauren Dudas discuss pilonidal disease with Drs. Patrick McGonagill and Joga Ivatury.  Listen to hear about how to plan your acute intervention without being detrimental to definitive options, different excisional techniques and patient selection.  You’ll hear – pilonidal disease is about so much more than just “rearranging butt cracks!”
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EAST Traumacast logo Necrotizing Pancreatitis: From Diagnosis to Management Options and Pitfalls - #146
Drs. Patrick McGonagill, Lauren Dudas and Carrie Valdez approach the challenge of managing necrotizing pancreatitis in a multidisciplinary discussion with acute care surgeon Dr. Jose Diaz, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon Dr. Clancy Clark and advanced gastroenterologist Dr. Shyam Thakkar.  What are some of the intervention options? How might I approach it at my center? What are the long term complications to look out for?  Hear about it all!
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EAST Traumacast logo COVID-19 Part 02 - Care of the ICU Patient - #132

Join moderators Drs. Matt Martin, Carrie Valdez and Red Hoffman as they speak with Drs. Nick Mark, Sheldon Teperman and Alex Guerrero about the management of the critically ill patient during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Nick shares his experience in Seattle and Sheldon and Alex share what is currently going on in New York City, the current epicenter of the pandemic.  They discuss the management of hypoxemia (including high flow nasal cannula, ventilator strategies and proning- including a discussion of the "burrito" technique), clinical pearls regarding extubation and the role of CPR in these critically ill patients.  

Our experts also discuss the importance of establishing communication channels both within your hospital and within your region and the importance of caring for and protecting both ourselves and all those we work with while "leading from the front."  This is a longer episode, but definitely worth a listen, filled with real life clinical pearls that will assist you and your hospital in preparing for and caring for COVID patients.

This episode is dedicated to neurosurgeon Dr. James Goodrich, who died on Monday, March 30, 2020 from complications of the Coronavirus. 

Resources discussed within this episode:

-EAST COVID-19 Resources and Information is available here:  This is meant to be a clearinghouse of information and protocols from various societies and institutions throughout the world.  

-Dr. Nick Mark's OnePager guide to the care of critically ill patients with COVID can be found here:  

-Fair allocation of scarce medical resources in the time of COVID-19 (NEJM March 23, 2020) can be found at:

-A framework for rationing ventilators and critical care beds during the COVID-19 pandemic (JAMA March 27, 2020) can be found  at:

-The COVID Ready Communication Playbook by Vital Talk can be found at:

-The proning protocol currently in use at NYC Health + Hospitals can be found here - Proning Protocol

-The burrito technique for proning is also demonstrated at:

-A reminder that "There are no emergencies in a pandemic."

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EAST Traumacast logo COVID-19 Part 01 - Care of the Surgical Patient - #131

Join Drs. Matt Martin, Carrie Valdez and Red Hoffman as they speak with EAST President Dr. A. Britton Christmas about the management of surgical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  They discuss the latest American College of Surgeons guidelines for Emergency General Surgery, safety in the operating room regarding airway management and laparoscopic procedures as well as thoughts on tracheostomies, chest tubes and ED thoracotomies.  Links below for more information!

 -EM physician Dr. Yale Tung Chen chronicles his COVID diagnosis and provides daily ultrasound updates on his Twitter account @yaletung

-Minimally invasive surgery and the novel coronavirus outbreak: lessons learned in China and Italy.  Epub ahead of print available. 

-EAST COVID-19 Resources and Information. This is meant to be a clearinghouse of information and protocols from various societies and institutions throughout the world. 

-Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Guidelines on the Management of Critically Ill Adults with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (published March 2020) is available 

-Department of Defense COVID-19 Practice Management Guidelines

-COVID-19 App - Developed by Dr. Kari Jerge - Download the App -
View webpage -

-Visit the Vital Talk website to help guide you in difficult conversations with your patients regarding COVID-19 

-CAPC (Center to Advance Palliative Care) is offering a free COVID toolkit, including symptom management tips that will help you with your primary palliative care skills 

-Dr. Nick Mark's OnePager guide to the care of critically ill patients with COVID. Join us early next week for Part 2 of the COVID series- Nick will be one of our guests!

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EAST Traumacast logo Palliative Care in Your ACS Practice - #125

Join guests Dr. Red Hoffman and Dr. Benoit Blondeau as they help dispel myths and drop knowledge about how to incorporate Palliative Care into your ACS practice.

Also, check out these great articles by Dr. Hoffman that deal with some of these same issues: and

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EAST Traumacast logo Robotics in Acute Care Surgery? - Podcast #87

Robotics in acute care surgery?  "Fire up the robot at 3am?  It's not a pipe dream.  We talk to two acute care surgeons who have incorporated robotics in their daily practice.  Drs. Ruby Skinner and Andrea Pakula have successfully navigated the robotic space and share their tips and tricks on implementation at your institution.  They also share their vision for robotics for acute care surgeons.   Dr. Kevin Pei serves as moderator.

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EAST Traumacast logo EAST November 2016 Literature Review Traumacast: AAST Severity Scoring for ACS Diseases - Podcast #71

Drs. Marie Crandall and Christian Jones join moderators Dave Morris and Matt Martin to discuss what may become a landmark paper in emergency general surgery.  Imagine if general surgery diseases could be graded by severity like traumatic injuries are with AIS/ISS.  Dr. Crandall and her co-authors have published just such a severity scoring system, which holds the promise of standardizing our nomenclature across the ACS community.  Listen as Drs. Crandall and Jones discuss the utility of this system and ways to promote its adoption.

Article Abstract
EAST November 2016 Literature Review

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