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Podcasts Currently Available

EAST Traumacast logo 37th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly Compilation #2 - #172
Join Drs. Liz Dauer, Tatiana Cardenas, Samantha Tarras, Mohammed Bawazeer, and Melissa Warta as they interview speakers from the 37th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly including incoming EAST President Dr. Ben Zarzaur, in addition to Drs. Amy Goldberg, Jennifer Brewer, Simin Golestani, Nicole Tapia, Marcelo Robiero, Tara van Veen, Kendra Black, and Melike Harfouche.  Also included are medical students Rachel Cary and Cox-Templeton Award winner Grace Keegan. 

Supplemental Material:  EAST Awards and Scholarship Opportunities
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EAST Traumacast logo 37th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly Compilation Part 1 - #171

Join Drs. Liz Dauer, Tatiana Cardenas, Samantha Tarras, Mohammed Bawazeer, and Melissa Warta as they interview speakers from the 37th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly including outgoing EAST President Dr. Jason Smith, in addition to Drs. TJ Schaid, Amanda Witte, Lauren Gallagher, Sneha Bhat, Caleb Butts, Rachel Choron, Julia Coleman, Bishwajit Bhattacharya, George Kasotakis, Susan Kartiko, and Melissa Boltz.  Also hear from Annika Kay PA-C and Colleen Trevino NP.

Supplemental Material:  EAST Awards and Scholarship Opportunities

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EAST Traumacast logo Global Surgery and the EAST Global Surgery Ad Hoc Taskforce- an EAST Traumacast and Careercast Mashup - #170

Join Drs. Prerna Ladha, Hassan Mashbari and Lauren Dudas and learn about Global Surgery from Drs. Mike Mallah, Chris Dodgion, Katie Iverson and the EAST Global Surgery Ad Hoc Task Force.  What does Global Surgery  even mean? How can you get involved, who is out there practicing internationally or can you practice Global Surgery domestically?  

Supplemental Material:
♦Incision (International Student Surgical Network) -
♦GSSA (Global Surgery Student Alliance) -
♦American College of Surgeons Resident and Associate Society Global Surgery Workgroup ( form to self nominate
♦AAGS (Association of Academic Global Surgery) - - opportunities for faculty, resident and student involvement in committees.

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EAST Traumacast logo EAST 2022 Scholarship Recipients - #161

Join Dr. Lauren Dudas as she interviews some of 2022 EAST award & scholarship cipients: the John M Templeton, Jr., MD Injury Prevention Research Scholarship - Dr. Elinore Kaufman, the EAST MCT Junior Investigator Award – Dr. Asanthi Ratnasekera, the Trauma Research Scholarship – Dr. Stephanie Polites.  Hear their EAST stories, what they are using their award money to work on and insight into being surgical scientists. 

Supplemental Material: Scholarships & Awards - The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma

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EAST Traumacast logo Celebrating 10 Years of EAST Traumacast! - #151
Celebrating 10 Years of EAST Traumacast! Dive into conversation as Dr. Michal Radomski and @ldel302 interview @carrievaldezmd Dr. Dave Morris, @docmartin22 @saranimd

Drs. Michal Radomski and Lauren Dudas interview previous EAST Traumacast moderators Drs. Carrie Valdez, Dave Morris, Matt Martin and Babak Sarani.  Share laughs with the originators as you hear how it all started and how the program got where it is today!  A special thank you to Christine Eme, EAST Staff, for all of her production support and the many others who dedicated their time over the past 10 years.  Also check out the new introduction, created by EAST member Dr. Shyam Murali.  Here’s to the next decade of EAST Traumacast listening!
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EAST Traumacast logo 33rd EAST Annual Scientific Assembly Compilation Traumacast - #129

Enjoy our 33rd EAST Annual Scientific Assembly (#EAST2020) Compilation Traumacast! @carrievaldezmd @drmadbak @Aditi_Kapil  

Thank you to @TopKniFe_B @MuhammadKhurru1 @LeahTatebe @Bryanacotton1 @docmartin22 for promoting your residents and fellows – great research!  

Interviews with @elliotthaut @blackcloudmd @jjcolemanMD @kamil_hanna @smstreit @scottassen @LeahTatebe and more!

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EAST Traumacast logo Newtown: What Remains After All is Lost. Discussion and Q/A with Kim Snyder (Director/Producer) and Dr. William Begg (Featured Physician) - Podcast #73

The mass shooting of schoolchildren and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut shook the nation and forever altered the lives of a tight-knit community. A documentary film that focuses on the aftermath of this event is now being released, and we had the great fortune to hold a screening of this film and a post-screening discussion and Q/A session with the Director, Kim Snyder, and Dr. William Begg, who was the ER physician on duty the day of this tragic event. This special event was arranged through the efforts of Dr. Joe Sakran and immediate EAST Past President Dr. Nicole Stassen. This Traumacast episode is a recording of the post event discussion and question/answer session that was held on January 10, 2017 in conjunction with the 30th EAST Annual Scientific Assembly. 

Supplemental Materials:
From the film’s website “Filmed over the course of nearly three years, the filmmakers use unique access and never before heard testimonies to tell a story of the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting of schoolchildren in American history on December 14, 2012. Newtown documents a traumatized community fractured by grief and driven toward a sense of purpose. Joining the ranks of a growing club to which no one wants to belong, a cast of characters interconnect to weave an intimate story of community resilience.”

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EAST Traumacast logo Firearms Policy and Injury Prevention: EAST Roundtable Discussion on EBR Review - Podcast #67

In this episode of Traumacast, we hosted an EAST roundtable discussion on firearms policy and firearm-related injury prevention. The discussion centered around the recently released EAST literature review and Practice Management Guideline on the efficacy of restrictive licensing and concealed carry laws for preventing firearm-related injuries, as well as the recent efforts of the Committee on Trauma to promote open discussion and consensus buidling to tackle this challenging problem. The panelists included Marie Crandall and Alex Eastman (co-authors of the EAST PMG), Ronny Stewart (Chair, COT), Nicole Stassen (EAST President), and Kevin Schuster (Chair, EAST Manuscript and Literature Review Committee). This interview was recorded live at the 2016 AAST Annual Meeting in Waikaloa, Hawaii.

Supplemental Materials:
EAST Practice Management Guideline: Prevention of Firearm-Related Injuries with Restrictive Licensing and Concealed Carry Laws 

Firearm Injury Prevention: A Consensus Approach to Reducing Preventable Deaths

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EAST Traumacast logo EAST February 2016 Literature Review Traumacast - Podcast #54

In this episode, we have a lively discussion about the papers reviewed by Dr. Niels Martin in the February EAST literature review.  We were also very fortunate to have Dr. Bob Martindale, who was one of the lead authors for the 2016 ASPEN/SCCM ICU nutrition guidelines, join us to discuss the key issues of importance to Trauma/ICU providers.  We also discuss the effect of age of stored red blood cells with Dr. Martin Schreiber.  Also joining in this discussion were EAST members Dr. Kevin Schuster and Dr. Andrew Bernard.  The discussion is moderated by Dr. Dave Morris and Dr. Matt Martin.

Supplemental Materials
2016 ASPEN/SCCM ICU Nutrition Guidelines

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EAST Traumacast logo An interview with EAST Past President, Dr. Sagraves regarding the future of EAST.. - Podcast #32

A discussion about the future of EAST with EAST Past President, Dr. Sagraves. 

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