Audio interviews addressing upcoming research and its application to the injured patient, education efforts related to trauma, and novel methods in the management of injury.

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Podcasts Currently Available

EAST Traumacast logo EAST In the Arena - Police Drop Offs in the City of Brotherly Love
Join Drs. Shyam Murali, Mike Radomski, and Jeremy Levin as they talk with Dr. Elinore Kaufman of UPenn Trauma about how they handle police drop-offs for timely and efficient care of penetrating trauma patients.

Supplemental Material
Coming in hot: Police transport and prehospital time after firearm injury
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EAST Traumacast logo Rural Trauma Care: Part 2 - #147
In this second installment of a three part series, Drs. Lauren Dudas and Lucy Ruangvoravat interview Drs. Carrie Valdez, JR Taylor and Erich Schafer, surgeons at designated level II-IV trauma centers.  Listen as they discuss their trauma system, schedules and their perspectives as rural trauma surgeons.  If you missed part one in the series, check out Traumacast #140!
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EAST Traumacast logo Starting a Geriatric Trauma Program - #141

Drs. Carrie Valdez and Lauren Dudas discuss the details about a geriatric trauma program with Dr. Ben Gayed and Kathy Smith.  What does it entail? What are the benefits? How can you get a program started at your institution?  The content of this podcast reflects the opinions of those involved not the institutions by which they are employed.

Supplemental Information:
American College of Surgeons – Trauma Quality Improvement Program: Geriatric Trauma Management Guideline
Beers Criteria

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EAST Traumacast logo Rural Trauma Care: Part 1 - #140

Dr. Carrie Valdez hosts Drs. Alexandra Briggs, Avi Bhavaraju  and Ashley Meagher on our first Traumacast in our series on Rural Trauma.  Dr. Briggs is the chair of the Rural Trauma Ad Hoc Task Force for EAST.   For this Traumacast, the group focuses on the Level 1 trauma experience supporting our rural trauma centers- what are we doing well and what can we do better?

Rural Trauma Care: Part 2 - Traumacast #147

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EAST Traumacast logo Starting A Trauma_Center - Podcast #29

A brief discussion of political and financial issues faced when The Trauma Center at Penn opened in 1988. Many of the same issues are still faced by trauma directors in new trauma centers. 

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EAST Traumacast logo Trauma Scoring Systems Dr Champion - Podcast #14

Dr. Champion helped establish EAST and describe the ISS/AIS and TRISS scoring systems. We discussion of various commonly used trauma scoring systems and their shortcomings. We also discuss how to go about assessing and creating a scoring system.

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EAST Traumacast logo The CONTROL trial: Factor VIIa in Trauma - Podcast #4

A discussion of the CONTROL trial, it's design, findings, and ramifications regarding the role of Factor VIIa in trauma patients. 

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EAST Traumacast logo Clinical Practice Guidelines in Trauma Care - Podcast #1

An interview with Dr. Michael Rhodes regarding implementing and enforcing clinical practice guidelines in a trauma center

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